Create a Project Without the Setup Capture Wizard
You can use the snapshot.exe utility from the command line instead of using the Setup Capture wizard that runs the snapshot.exe utility in the background. The command-line utility is useful to package a large number of applications or automate ThinApp project creation. The typical location of the snapshot.exe utility is C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware ThinApp\snapshot.exe.
The snapshot process makes a copy of the all registry entries on the system and file system metadata. File system metadata includes path, filename, attribute, size, and time stamp information but excludes actual file data.
Create a project with the snapshot.exe command-line utility
snapshot.exe C:\Start.snapshot
snapshot.exe C:\End.snapshot
Generate a template Package.ini file.
snapshot.exe C:\Start.snapshot –SuggestProject C:\End.snapshot C:\Template.ini
ThinApp uses the template file to generate the final Package.ini file. The template file contains a list of all detected executable file entry points and Package.ini parameters. If you write your own script to replace the Setup Capture wizard, use the template Package.ini file to select the entry points to keep or customize Package.ini parameters such as InventoryName.
snapshot.exe C:\Template.ini –GenerateProject C:\MyProjectDirectory
(Optional) Delete the temporary C:\Start.snapshot, C:\End.snapshot, and C:\Template.ini files.