The system on which you install Site Recovery Manager must meet specific hardware requirements.

Minimum Site Recovery Manager System Requirements




At least two 2.0GHz or higher Intel or AMD x86 processors. Site Recovery Manager deloyments that manage large environments require four 2.0GHz CPUs.


2GB minimum. You might require more memory if you use the embedded database, as the content of the database grows. The memory requirement increases if Site Recovery Manager manages large environments.

Disk Storage

5GB minimum. If you install Site Recovery Manager on a different drive to the C: drive, the Site Recovery Manager installer still requires at least 1GB of free space on the C: drive. This space is required for extracting and caching the installation package. You might require more disk storage if you use the embedded database, as the content of the database grows.


1 Gigabit recommended for communication between Site Recovery Manager sites.

Use a trusted network for the deployment and use of Site Recovery Manager and for the management of ESXi hosts.

For information about supported platforms and databases, see the Compatibility Matrixes for Site Recovery Manager 6.1 at

After you install Site Recovery Manager, it remains in evaluation mode until you install a Site Recovery Manager license key.

Each Site Recovery Manager server can support a certain number of protected virtual machines, protection groups, datastore groups, recovery plans, and concurrent recoveries.