After you pair the protected and recovery sites, you must configure protection for virtual machines. If you are using array-based replication, you must configure storage replication adapters (SRAs) at each site.

If you are using only vSphere Replication, you do not require an SRA. See Installing vSphere Replication.


If you are using array-based replication, you must install a Storage Replication Adapter (SRA) specific to each storage array that you use with Site Recovery Manager. An SRA is a program that an array vendor provides that enables Site Recovery Manager to work with a specific kind of array.


After you pair the protected site and recovery site, configure their respective array managers so that Site Recovery Manager can discover replicated devices, compute datastore groups, and initiate storage operations.


Site Recovery Manager checks arrays for changes to device configurations every 24 hours. However, you can force an array rescan at any time.


Use the Edit Array Manager wizard to modify an array manager's name or other settings, such as the IP address or user name and password.