You can adjust global settings to change how Site Recovery Manager interacts with vSphere Replication.


Click Sites in the left pane, and right-click a site, and select Advanced Settings.


Click vrReplication.


Modify the vSphere Replication settings.



Allow vSphere Replication to recover virtual machines that are included in Site Recovery Manager recovery plans.

If you configure vSphere Replication on a virtual machine and include the virtual machine in a Site Recovery Manager recovery plan, you cannot recover the virtual machine by using vSphere Replication independently of Site Recovery Manager. To allow vSphere Replication to recover virtual machines independently of Site Recovery Manager, select the allowOtherSolutionTagInRecovery check box.

Change the timeout period for vSphere Replication synchronization operations.

Type a new value in the synchronizationTimeout text box. Change this value if you experience timeout errors when vSphere Replication synchronizes virtual machines on the recovery site.

Change the default RPO setting for replications.

Type a new value in the vrReplication.timeDefault text box. The default value is 240 minutes (4 hours). This value is selected when you configure replications, but you can specify a different RPO in the Configure Replication wizard when you configure replication for an individual virtual machine or for group of virtual machines.


Click OK to save your changes.