Site Recovery Manager Administration is updated with each release of the product or when necessary.

This table provides the update history of Site Recovery Manager Administration.




Added recommendation to select different datastores as the replication target and for placeholders in Configure a Placeholder Datastore.

Added that you cannot map individual hosts from clusters to other objects in Select Inventory Mappings.

Included instruction to check recovery plan history for errors after running reprotect in Reprotect Virtual Machines.


Corrected the syntax of the DR IP Reporter tool in Report IP Address Mappings for Recovery Plans.

Added that advanced settings are not retained during upgrade or after uninstalling and reinstalling the same product version in Reconfigure Site Recovery Manager Settings.


Clarified what happens to Site Recovery Manager privileges when you uninstall Site Recovery Manager in Site Recovery Manager Roles Reference.

Clarified what happens when per-virtual machine command steps fail in How Site Recovery Manager Handles Custom Recovery Step Failures.

Corrected the event names in Recovery Events and Storage and Storage Provider Events.


Revised and expanded Site Recovery Manager Privileges, Roles, and Permissions, adding new topics:

Site Recovery Manager and the vCenter Server Administrator Role

Site Recovery Manager and vSphere Replication Roles

Managing Permissions in a Shared Recovery Site Configuration

Revised Select Inventory Mappings.

Added new topics in Replicating Virtual Machines:

How the Recovery Point Objective Affects Replication Scheduling

Reconfigure Replications

Stop Replicating a Virtual Machine

Added information about how vSphere Replication performs synchronization in Testing a Recovery Plan.

Clarified VMware Tools requirements for recovery in Performing a Planned Migration or Disaster Recovery By Running a Recovery Plan and Specify the Recovery Priority of a Virtual Machine.

Added information about the user account in which command steps run in Types of Custom Recovery Steps.

Clarified Environment Variables for Command Steps.

Clarified how Site Recovery Manager applies advanced settings in Reconfigure Site Recovery Manager Settings.

Added options in Change Storage Provider Settings and Change vSphere Replication Settings.

Added information about using Site Recovery Manager with Admission Control Clusters in Limitations to Protection and Recovery of Virtual Machines.

Added vSphere Replication Limitations and vSphere Replication Events and Alarms.

Added troubleshooting topics:

Configuring Protection fails with Placeholder Creation Error

Planned Migration Fails Because Host is in an Incorrect State

Recovery Fails with Unavailable Host and Datastore Error

Reprotect Fails with a vSphere Replication Timeout Error

Recovery Plan Times Out While Waiting for VMware Tools

Reprotect Fails After Restarting vCenter Server

Rescanning Datastores Fails Because Storage Devices are Not Ready

Generating Support Bundles Disrupts vSphere Replication Recovery

Recovery Plan Times Out While Waiting for VMware Tools


Added information about VMFS datastores that span multiple LUNs to How Site Recovery Manager Computes Datastore Groups.

Expanded How Site Recovery Manager Performs Reprotect.

Clarified MSCS support in Protecting MSCS and Fault Tolerant Virtual Machines.

Added How Site Recovery Manager Interacts with vSphere High Availability.

Revised and expanded Customizing IP Properties for Multiple Virtual Machines.

Added VMware Tools information in Change Recovery Settings.

Added information about protecting Active Directory domain controllers and clarified SIOC support in Limitations to Protection and Recovery of Virtual Machines.

Added vSphere Replication RPO Violations.

Added vSphere Replication Does Not Start After Moving the Host.


Corrected support statement for array-based protection and recovery of virtual machines attached to RDM devices in Limitations to Protection and Recovery of Virtual Machines.


Initial release.