If you have not specified inventory mappings for your site, you must configure resource mappings for individual virtual machines. You can configure resource mappings only if site-wide inventory mappings have not been established.

If inventory mappings have been established for a site, you cannot override them by configuring the protection of individual virtual machines. If you need to override inventory mappings for a few members of a protection group, use the vSphere Client to connect to the recovery site and edit the settings of the placeholders or move them to a different folder or resource pool.


Click Protection Groups, and navigate to the protection group that includes the virtual machine that you want to configure.


On the Virtual Machines page, right-click a virtual machine and click Configure Protection.

If you established inventory mappings, they are applied.


Configure mappings as needed.

For most virtual machines, you can change the Folder and Compute Resource mappings. For more information, see Configure Protection for a Virtual Machine or Template.