The reprotect process passes through several states that you can observe in the recovery plan in the Site Recovery Manager plug-in in the vSphere Client.

If reprotect fails, or succeeds partially, you can perform remedial actions to complete the reprotect.

Reprotect States



Remedial Action

Reprotect In Progress

Site Recovery Manager is running reprotect.


Partial Reprotect

Occurs if multiple recovery plans share the same protection groups and reprotect succeeds for some groups in some plans, but not for others.

Run reprotect again on the partially reprotected plans.

Incomplete Reprotect

Occurs because of failures during reprotect. For example, this state might occur because of a failure to synchronize storage or a failure to create placeholder virtual machines.

If a reprotect operation fails to synchronize storage, make sure that sites are connected, review the reprotect progress in the vSphere Client , and start the reprotect task again. If reprotect still won't complete, run the reprotect task with the Force Cleanup option.

If Site Recovery Manager fails to create placeholder virtual machines, recoveries are still possible. Review the reprotect steps in the vSphere Client, resolve any open issues, and start the reprotect task again.

Reprotect Interrupted

Occurs if one of the Site Recovery Manager Servers stops unexpectedly during the reprotect process.

Ensure that both Site Recovery Manager Servers are running and start the reprotect task again.