After you test a recovery plan, you can return the recovery plan to the Ready state by running a cleanup operation.

Site Recovery Manager performs several cleanup operations after a test.

Powers off the recovered virtual machines.

Replaces recovered virtual machines with placeholders, preserving their identity and configuration information.

Cleans up replicated storage snapshots that the recovered virtual machines used during the test.

Verify that you tested a recovery plan.


Click Recovery Plans in the Site Recovery Manager interface, select the recovery plan that you tested, and click Cleanup.


Review the cleanup information and click Next.


Click Start.


After the cleanup finishes, if it reports errors, run the cleanup again, selecting the Force Cleanup option.

The Force Cleanup option forces the removal of virtual machines, ignoring any errors, and returns the plan to the Ready state. If necessary, run cleanup several times with the Force Cleanup option, until the cleanup succeeds.