You create a recovery plan to establish how Site Recovery Manager recovers virtual machines.

During tests, isolate the virtual machines that Site Recovery Manager recovers. If Site Recovery Manager brings duplicate machines on line and they begin to interact with unprotected virtual machines in your production network, errors can occur.


Click Recovery Plans, click the Summary tab, and click Create Recovery Plan.


Select the recovery site.


Select one or more protection groups for the plan to recover, and click Next.


Select a recovery site network to which recovered virtual machines connect during recovery plan tests, and click Next.

You can isolate virtual machine Site Recovery Manager restorations during test recoveries by selecting Auto, which is an isolated network, or by selecting a manually created network that is not connected to other networks.


Type a name for the plan in the Recovery Plan Name text box, add an optional description, and click Next.


Review the summary information and click Finish to create the recovery plan.

You can monitor the creation of the plan in the Recent Tasks view.