You can download logs for Site Recovery Manager, the vSphere Replication appliance, and vSphere Replication servers to a user-specified location.

Use this information to understand and resolve issues. For best results, collect logs from each site.


Click Sites, and select a site.


Click the Summary tab, and click Export System Logs.


In the Download Location text box, enter a path or click Browse to browse to a location.


(Optional) Deselect the Include VR system logs check box to disable the download of vSphere Replication log data.

vSphere Replication system logs are downloaded by default. These logs include information about vSphere Replication management server (VRMS), vSphere Replication server, and replication events.


Click OK to download the logs.

The Downloading System Logs Bundles window provides information about the log bundles.

A list of each host system, the status of their log bundle download, and other details.

Download Details provides information on the log bundle file name and destination for the log bundle file.

This process does not collect client logs. You must collect client logs separately.