Site Recovery Manager provides disaster recovery by performing operations for users. These operations involve managing objects, such as recovery plans or protection groups, and performing operations, such as replicating or powering off virtual machines. Site Recovery Manager uses roles and permissions so that only users with the correct roles and permissions can perform operations.

Site Recovery Manager adds several roles to vCenter Server, each of which includes privileges and permissions to complete Site Recovery Manager and vCenter Server tasks. You assign users to a role to permit them to complete tasks in Site Recovery Manager.


The right to perform an action, for example to create a recovery plan or to modify a protection group.


A collection of privileges. Default roles provide the privileges that certain users require to perform a set of Site Recovery Manager tasks, for example users who manage protection groups or perform recoveries. A user can have at most one role on an object, but roles can be combined if the user belongs to multiple groups that all have roles on the object.


A role granted to a particular user or user group on a specific object. A user or user group is also known as a principal. A permission is a combination of a role, an object, and a principal. For example, a permission is the privilege to modify a specific protection group.

For information about the roles that Site Recovery Manager adds to vCenter Server and the privileges that users require to complete tasks, see Site Recovery Manager Roles Reference.

Site Recovery Manager determines whether a user has permission to perform an operation, such as configuring protection or running the individual steps in a recovery plan. This permission check ensures the correct authentication of the user, but it does not represent the security context in which the operation is performed.

If a user or user group has the vCenter Server administrator role on a vCenter Server instance when you install Site Recovery Manager, that user or user group obtains all Site Recovery Manager privileges.

When you install vSphere Replication with Site Recovery Manager, the vCenter Server administrator role inherits all of the Site Recovery Manager and vSphere Replication privileges.

You can configure Site Recovery Manager to use with a shared recovery site. The vCenter Server administrator on the shared recovery site must manage permissions so that each customer has sufficient privileges to configure and use Site Recovery Manager, but no customer has access to resources that belong to another customer.

During installation, Site Recovery Manager administrator rights are assigned to the vCenter Server administrator role. At this time, only vCenter Server administrators can log in to Site Recovery Manager, unless they explicitly grant access to other users.

Site Recovery Manager includes a set of roles. Each role includes a set of privileges, which enable users with those roles to complete different actions.