You install the Mirage Web Management using the Web Management .msi file provided in the installation package.

The .msi installation file is located in the Mirage installation package.

You must enable Cookies and JavaScript.

The Mirage Web Management must be installed on a Windows server with IIS 7 or later and .NET Framework 4.

You can view the Web Management using Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and later, Chrome, and Firefox.

Make sure that your Microsoft Internet Explorer browser supports JavaScript and Cookies on an intranet environment.


Double-click the mirage.WebManagement.x64.buildnumber.msi and click Run to start the installation wizard.


When prompted, provide the path to the Mirage Management server location.


Verify the HTTP port and the HTTPS port.

The default HTTP port is 7080, and the default HTTPS port is 7443.


Follow the prompts to complete the installation.