Data Object - Id

WSDL type
Property of
ClientEvent, CollectionDetails, CvdDetails, CvdDownloadOnlyMigrationDetails, DeviceDetails, ImageId, MigrationTarget, VolumeDetails
Parameter to
CollectionCvd_Query, Cvd_ApplyPolicy, Cvd_Archive, Cvd_Delete, Cvd_Get, Cvd_Sync, OsMigration_ApplyDownloadOnlyMigration, PendingDevice_CreateNewCvd, PendingDevice_CreateNewCvd, PendingDevice_Provision, PendingDevice_Provision
Mirage 5.1.0

Data Object Description

Identifier of the entities in Mirage, such as Cvd, volume and so on.

Data Object Properties


Name Type Description

Value of Id.

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