You can set an upper limit on Mirage traffic so that Mirage does not consume all of the bandwidth of a site or subnet. When you use bandwidth limitation, you allocate your network resources more efficiently.

A bandwidth limitation rule contains parameters to set the limitations.

Bandwidth Limitation Parameters




Uses the format IPaddress/bitmask, for example,

For site-based rules, leave this parameter blank.


Site or domain name of the group of clients for which to limit the bandwidth. The site is the DNS name.

Site names cannot contain special characters or non-English characters.

For subnet-based rules, leave this parameter blank.

Download limit

Maximum number of KBps that you can download from the server to the client.

Upload limit

Maximum number in KBps that you can upload from the client to the server.

You write the rules in a .csv file, in the format SubnetMaskV4,Site,Download limit,Upload limit.

After you write rules, you import the rules to Mirage. You can also export existing rules to edit it, and import the edited rules to Mirage.

You can add a global limit rule that applies to all clients in the Mirage environment. For example,,,OutgoingKBps,UploadKBps.

To access the Bandwidth Limitation tab, in the Mirage Management console select System Configuration > Settings. Click Sample rules to view sample rules.