You must install the vRealize Log Insight Management Pack (in the vRealize Operations Manager Administration page) before enabling the Launch in Context functionality in the vRealize Log Insight page.

VMware distributes the vRealize Log Insight Management Pack as .pak file for appliance installs (vApp) and as a .tgz for Windows and Linux installs (.tgz archive contains the installation utilities) of vRealize Operations Manager.

Use this procedure to install the management pack for an appliance installation (vApp) or Standalone installation (Windows/ Linux).

Download the management pack installation file from You can download the TGZ file from the Resources tab of the management pack page.

Download the TGZ file or .pak file based on whether you are installing the management pack in a Windows or Linux installation or in an appliance (vApp) installation.

Make a note of the build number in the TGZ file name. The build number appears after the management pack name, for example, managementpack_name-buildnumber.tgz.

Verify that you have access to the server where vRealize Operations Manager runs, and that you have permissions to install software on the server.

Verify that the version of vRealize Operations Manager is 6.x or later.

Verify that you know the IP address or host name of the target vRealize Operations Manager instance.

Depending on the vRealize Operations Manager license that you own, verify that you have minimum user credential required to install the management pack. See Minimum Required Permissions for a Local or Active Directory User Account.


Save the .pak file to a temporary location on your local file system.


Log in to vRealize Operations Manager as an administrator.


Navigate to Administration > Solutions.


On the Solutions page, using the plus (+) icon, select the downloaded .pak file to upload it to vRealize Operations server.

The plus icon is located at the top left of the solutions pane.


Complete the management pack installation using the wizard steps.

After you install the adapter, enable launch in context from the Administration Web user interface of vRealize Log Insight.

See Enable Launch in Context for vRealize Log Insight in vRealize Operations Manager.