Query list widgets provide quick access to one or more saved queries from the dashboard.

You can modify your custom query list widgets to add new queries.

Verify that you are logged in to the vRealize Log Insight Web user interface. The URL format is https://log_insight-host, where log_insight-host is the IP address or host name of the vRealize Log Insight virtual appliance.


On the Interactive Analytics tab, run the query that you want to add to the query list widget.


Click the Add current query to dashbord icon .


From the Dashboard drop-down menu, select the dashboard that contains the query list widget.


From the Widget Type drop-down menu, select Query List.


From the Query List drop-down menu, select the name of the widget to which you want to add the query, and click Save.


Click Add.

vRealize Log Insight adds the query to the widget that you selected.


Query list widgets use message queries. If you use the same message query in a Chart widget and choose a group-by field that does not exist in any of the messages, the chart will display no results.