You must set up a system and a root account to administer Log Insight.

Log Insight currently uses the root user account as the service user. No other user is created.

Unless you set the root password property during deployment, the default root password is blank. You must change the root password when you log in to the Log Insight console for the first time.

SSH is disabled until the default root password is set.

The root password must meet the following requirements.

Must be at least 8 characters long

Must contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one digit, and one special character

Must not repeat the same character four times

When you start the Log Insight virtual appliance for the first time, Log Insight creates the admin user account for its Web user interface.

The default password for admin is blank. You must change the admin password in the Web user interface during the initial configuration of Log Insight.

Log Insight supports integration with Active Directory. When configured, Log Insight can authenticate or authorize a user against Active Directory.

See Enable User Authentication Through Active Directory.

The Log Insight service user has root privileges.

The Web user interface admin user has the administrator privileges only to the Log Insight Web user interface.