To provide the benefits of the Customer Experience Improvement Program, Log Insight collects trace data directly from log files stored on your Log Insight virtual appliance and transfers the data to VMware on a weekly basis.

Trace data contains the following categories of information.


Contains information about low-level system trace activities conducted by Log Insight, including indexing, garbage collection, and monitoring activities. If an error occurs while Log Insight is processing data or a query, information about the error appears in the runtime.log file.


Contains information regarding interactions with user interface components and parameters, such as which buttons were pressed or which options were selected from a drop-down menu.


Contains information regarding the queries that the query engine runs. Each line has the exact query that the search engine runs, including the time it was started, the length of time it ran, and if an error occurred during its execution.


Contains information from the watchdog process that monitors Log Insight and restarts the application if it fails or becomes unresponsive. The watchdog.log file contains information documenting when such failures are detected.


Contains infromation regarding the integration between Log Insight and vRealize Operations Manager, sending query alerts to vRealize Operations Manager and registering Log Insight with vRealize Operations Manager for launch in context.


Contains information regarding the integration between Log Insight and vSphere.


Contains information about user defined alerts that have been triggered.


Contains information about events that occur during Log Insight upgrade.


Contains information about the standard output of Log Insight daemon.


Contains information about system alerts that Log Insight sends.


Contains information about the run time events of the watch dog process, which is responsible for restarting Log Insight if it is shutdown for some reason.

Trace data can also contain personal information, including:

Email addresses

MAC addresses

Internet protocol addresses

User names

Host names

Query content

Search word content

Personal information found inside trace data files is anonymized and encrypted inside your Log Insight virtual appliance before being transferred to VMware. Trace data is encrypted using public key cryptography and sent through email using your SMTP server. Trace data is stored in the VMware internal secured network and is not shared with third parties.

You can view the files at any time by remotely logging in to your Log Insight virtual appliance using SSH, and navigating to /storage/var/loginsight.

You can stop the transfer of trace data to VMware at any time. See Stop Sending Trace Data to VMware.

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