You can set or change the target vRealize Log Insight server that the Log Insight Linux Agent sends events to.

Log in as root or use sudo to run console commands.

Log in to the Linux machine on which you installed the Log Insight Linux Agent, open a console and run pgrep liagent to verify that the VMware Log Insight Linux Agent is installed and running.

If you have a vRealize Log Insight cluster with enabled Integrated Load Balancer, see Enable Integrated Load Balancer for custom SSL certificate specific requirements.


Open the /var/lib/loginsight-agent/liagent.ini file in any text editor.


Modify the following parameters and set the values for your environment.




The protocol that the agent uses to send events to the Log Insight server. The possible values are cfapi and syslog. VMware recommends using the default cfapi setting.


The IP address or host name of the vRealize Log Insight virtual appliance.


The communication port that the agent uses to send events to the vRealize Log Insight server. The default values are 9543 for cfapi with SSL enabled, 9000 for cfapi with SSL disabled and 514 for syslog


Enables or disables SSL. The default value is no. Applicable to cfapi only.


The time in minutes to force reconnection to the server. The default value is 30.

; Log Insight server hostname or ip address
; If omitted the default value is LOGINSIGHT

; Set protocol to use:
; cfapi - Log Insight REST API
; syslog - Syslog protocol
; If omitted the default value is cfapi

; Log Insight server port to connect to. If omitted the default value is:
; for syslog: 514
; for cfapi without ssl: 9000
; for cfapi with ssl: 9543

;ssl - enable/disable SSL. Applies to cfapi protocol only.
; Possible values are yes or no. If omitted the default value is yes.

; Time in minutes to force reconnection to the server
; If omitted the default value is 30

Save and close the liagent.ini file.


You can configure additional SSL options for the Log Insight Linux Agent. See Configure SSL Connection Between the vRealize Log Insight Server and the Log Insight Agents .