You can configure vRealize Log Insight to send notification events to vRealize Operations Manager based on the alert queries that you create.

When you configure a notification alert in vRealize Log Insight, you select a resource in vRealize Operations Manager that is associated with the notification events. See Add an Alert Query in Log Insight to Send Notification Events to vRealize Operations Manager.

The location of vRealize Log Insight notification events depends on the vRealize Operations Manager user interface version that you use.

Sections of the vRealize Operations Manager User Interface Where Notification Events Appear

vRealize Operations Manager User Interface

Section that Displays vRealize Log Insight Notification Events

Custom user interface

The Alerts Overview page

All dashboards that display the Alerts dashboard widget

vSphere user interface

The Events tab under the Operations tab

The Events tab under the Planning tab

The alert name and description that you provided in vRealize Log Insight appear in the Alert Info column of the alert lists in vRealize Operations Manager.

In the Custom user interface, the Alert Info column is not visible by default. You can enable the Alert Info column by expanding the drop-down menu in the table header and selecting the Alert Info check box.