Configure Windows firewall settings to allow outbound connections of the Log Insight Windows Agent to the vRealize Log Insight server.

After you install and start the Log Insight Windows Agent service, the Windows domain or local firewall may restrict the connectivity to the target vRealize Log Insight server.

The procedure applies to Windows Server 2008 R2 and later, and to Windows 7 and later.

Verify that you have an administrator account or an account with administrative privileges.


Select Start > Run.


Type wf.msc and click OK.


In the Actions pane click Properties.


On the Domain Profile tab, select Allow(default) from the Outbound connections drop-down menu.

If the computer is not connected to a domain, you can select Private Profile or Public Profile, depending on the network type the computer is connected to.


Click OK.

Define an unblocking exception rule for the Log Insight Windows Agent in the Windows firewall. See Add an Outbound Exception Rule for the Log Insight Windows Agent.