Role-based access control lets system administrators control user access to vRealize Log Insight and control tasks that users can perform after they log in. To implement role-based access control, system administrators associate or revoke permissions and roles with or from user login accounts


System administrators can control the access and actions of each user by granting or revoking permissions and roles to or from the login account of the user.


Permissions control the allowed actions in vRealize Log Insight. Permissions apply to particular administrative or user tasks in vRealize Log Insight. For example, you can grant the View Admin permission to allow a user to view the vRealize Log Insight administrative settings.

Data Sets

Data sets consist of a set of filters. You can use data sets to provide users with access to specific content by associating a data set with a role.


Roles are collections of permissions and data sets that can be associated with users. Roles provide a convenient way to package all the permissions required to perform a task. One user can be assigned multiple roles.