Log Insight collects data over the syslog protocol, can connect to vCenter Server to collect events, tasks, and alarms data, and can integrate with vCenter Operations Manager to send notification events and enable launch in context . Check the VMware vCenter Log Insight Release Notes for latest updates on supported product versions.

Always use a vSphere Client to connect to a vCenter Server and deploy the Log Insight virtual appliance through the vCenter Server. The Log Insight virtual appliance should be deployed on an ESX/ESXi host version 4.1 or later that is managed by vCenter Server version 4.1 or later.

Log Insight collects and analyses syslog data over the following ports and protocols.



1514/TCP (SSL)

You must configure environment components such as operating systems, applications, storage, firewalls, and network devices to push their syslog feeds to Log Insight.

You can configure Log Insight to pull data for tasks, events, and alarms that occurred in one or more vCenter Server instances. Log Insight uses the vSphere API to connect to vCenter Server systems and collect data.

You can configure ESXi hosts to forward syslog data to Log Insight.

Supported vSphere Product Versions

Type of Integration

Supported Product Versions

Tasks, events, and alarms data collection

vCenter Server 5.1 and later

Syslog feeds

ESXi 4.1 and later

See Connect Log Insight to vCenter Server 5.1.x systems.

Log Insight and vCenter Operations Manager vApp or Installable can be integrated in two independent ways.

Log Insight can send notification events to vCenter Operations Manager.

See Enable the Sending of notification Events to vCenter Operations Manager.

The launch in context menu of vCenter Operations Manager can display actions related to Log Insight.

See Enable Launch in Context for Log Insight in vCenter Operations Manager.

The following table contains the versions of vCenter Operations Manager that support notifications and launch in context.

Product Deliverable

Notification Events

Launch in Context

vCenter Operations Manager vApp

vSphere UI 5.7.1 and later

Custom UI 5.6 and later

5.7.1 and later

vCenter Operations Manager Installable

5.7.0 Hot Fix 1 and later

5.7.1 and later