You install the Log Insight adapter in vCenter Operations Manager standalone to enable the Launch in Context functionality.

The Log Insight adapter provides the necessary information for vCenter Operations Manager to start Log Insight. This adapter does not collect data.

The Log Insight adapter is installed as part of the vCenter Operations Manager 5.7.1 vApp, but not installed as part of the standalone version of vCenter Operations Manager. Therefore, for the standalone version, you must install the Log Insight adapter manually.

VMware distributes the Log Insight adapter as a .tgz archive that contains the installation utilities for Windows and Linux.

Download the adapter installation TGZ file anonymously from

Make a note of the build number in the TGZ file name. The build number appears after the adapter name, for example, adaptername-buildnumber.tgz.

Verify that you have access to the server where vCenter Operations Manager runs, and that you have permissions to install software on the server.

Verify that the version of vCenter Operations Manager is 5.7.1 or later.

Verify that you know the IP address or host name of the target vCenter Operations Manager instance.

Depending on the vCenter Operations Manager license that you own, verify that you have minimum user credentials.

vCenter Operations Manager License

Minimum Required Credentials


Default Admin user credentials

Advanced or Enterprise

Read Only user credentials


If you want to use Active Directory or vCenter Server accounts, verify that these accounts are added in vCenter Operations Manager Custom user interface. For information about adding active directory users in vCenter Operations Manager, see the VMware vCenter Operations Manager Administration Guide.


Open the TGZ file and extract the TAR file to a temporary folder on your vCenter Operations Manager server.


In the temporary folder, open the TAR file and extract and run the installer for your operating system platform.


Log in to the Custom user interface as an administrator.


Select Admin > Support.


On the Info tab, find the Adapters Info pane and click the Describe icon (Describe icon.).

The Describe icon is located at the top right of the Adapters Info pane.


Click Yes to start the describe process and click OK.

The Custom user interface finds the adapter files, gathers information about the abilities of the adapter, and updates the user interface with information about the adapter. If you have remote collectors, it installs the adapter on the remote collectors.

The describe process might take several minutes. When the describe process is finished, the adapter appears in the Adapters Info pane. The build number is in the Adapter Version column.


Verify that the build number in the Adapter Version column for the adapter matches the build number in the TGZ file that you downloaded.

After you install the adapter, enable launch in context from the Administration Web user interface of Log Insight.

See Enable Launch in Context for Log Insight in vCenter Operations Manager.