VMware Integrated OpenStack supports internationalization (I18N) level 3. However, there are resources you specify that do not provide UTF-8 support. You can use only ASCII attribute names consisting of alphanumeric characters and underscores (_) for these resources.

vCenter Server resources you specify using both the CLI and vSphere Web Client can be expressed with underscore (_), hyphen (-), blank spaces, and all letters and numbers from any language. For example, you can specify resources such as datastores labeled using non-English characters.

When using a Linux operating system, you should configure the system for use with UTF-8 encoding specific to your locale. For example, to use U.S. English, specify the following locale encoding: en_US.UTF-8. See your vendor's documentation for information on configuring UTF-8 encoding for your Linux environment.

The following resource names are excluded from UTF-8 support:

VMware Integrated OpenStack manager name

datacenter names

cluster names

networking port group names (both Standard vSwitch and VDS)

NSX Transport Zone name

datastore names (both local and shared NFS)