As a cloud administrator, you can use vSphere DRS settings to control how specific OpenStack instances are placed on hosts in the Compute cluster . In addition to the DRS configuration, you also modify the metadata of source images in OpenStack to ensure that instances generated from those images are correctly identified for placement.

Verify that you are running VMware Integrated OpenStack version 2.0.x or later.

Verify that VMware Integrated OpenStack is running in vSphere. Go to Home > VMware Integrated OpenStack > OpenStack Deployments > [Deployment Name].

At least one dummy VM in the Compute cluster to use as a template to create a DRS VM group.


In the vSphere Web Client, create VM and host groups to contain and manage specific OpenStack instances.


In the vSphere Web Client, create a DRS rule to manage the distribution of OpenStack instances in a VM group to a specific host group.


You can modify the metadata of a source image to automatically place instances into VM groups. VM groups are configured in the vSphere Web Client and can be further used to apply DRS rules.