VMware Integrated OpenStack 2.5 supports Load-Balancing-as-a-Service (LBaaS) v2.0.VMware Integrated OpenStack enables LBaaS v1.0 automatically, but as part of the upgrade process you have the option of migrating to and enabling LBaaS v2.0.

LBaaS enables Neutron, the networking component of OpenStack, to distribute incoming requests among designated instances. This distribution ensures that the workload is shared predictably among instances and enables more effective use of system resources.

This procedure is optional. You can continue to use LBaaS v1.0 after upgrading to VMware Integrated OpenStack version 2.5.x and higher.


If you have implemented the Ceilomoter OpenStack component and use Heat templates that require LBaaS resources, do not migrate to LBaaS v2.0.

VMware Integrated OpenStack is based on the Kilo release of OpenStack and optionally supports LBaaS v2.0. However, Heat templates are not compatible with LBaaS v2.0 until the Mitaka release of OpenStack.


If you enable LBaaS v2.0 in VMware Integrated OpenStack, you cannot revert to LBaaS v1.0.

VMware Integrated OpenStack 2.5 supports LBaaS v2.0. You enable LBaaS v2.0 after you complete the VMware Integrated OpenStack installation or upgrade process.