Part of your VMware Integrated OpenStack deployment configuration includes passwords that allow OpenStack to access and connect with your LDAP server, NSX, and vCenter Server. If the credentials change, you can modify the password settings directly in the VMware Integrated OpenStack manager to ensure continued access.

Only the text boxes with updated passwords on the Change Password page change. To leave a password unmodified, leave the text box blank.

Verify that the passwords you supply in the Change Passwords panel match the passwords configured for the LDAP server, NSX, or vCenter Server, as appropriate.


In vCenter, select Home > VMware Integrated OpenStack > Manage.


Click the Settings tab.


Click Change Passwords.

The Change Passwords panel contains text boxes for updating the current LDAP server, NSX, and vCenter Server password configurations.


Enter the new password.


Click Submit.

The password settings in the VMware Integrated OpenStack are updated with the new values.