After an image is loaded, you can modify the image resource metadata settings by adding or removing metadata tags for the image definition. Image resource metadata can help end users determine the nature of an image, and is used by associated OpenStack components and drivers that interface with the Image Service.

You can manage metadata definitions on the Metadata Definitions page located atAdmin > System > Metadata Definitions.


Log in to the VMware Integrated OpenStack dashboard as a cloud administrator.


Select the admin project from the drop-down menu in the title bar.


Select Admin > System > Images.


Click the image to modify.


In the Actions column of the image listing, click the down arrow and select Update Metadata.


Modify the settings as necessary.

The Update Metadata dialog has two columns. The right shows metadata tags already applied to the image, and the left column shows available metadata tags, which are grouped by category, such as Guest Customization, Instance Config Data, and so on.


To add a metadata tag to the image definition, click the plus sign (+).

The item moves to the Existing Metadata column and is highlighted.


Enter the metadata value in the provided field, if applicable.


To remove a metadata tag from the image definition, click the minus sign (-).


Click Save.