You can install vRealize Hyperic agents on one or more virtual machines.

If you do not have the required administration privileges, but you have View and Perform Action privileges for the affected virtual machines, you can still view the list of machines and the status of the agents running on them.

You can select virtual machines for which you do not have administration privileges, but a vRealize Hyperic agent is only installed on the machines for which you do have the required privileges.

Should it be necessary, you can cancel pending agent installations. See Cancel Pending Tasks.

You must have configured and applied vRealize Hyperic profile settings for the agent that you are installing on the virtual machines. You can click the Hyperic Profile Settings link to access the necessary Web page if necessary. See Configure vRealize Hyperic Action Profiles .

To install vRealize Hyperic agents on a virtual machines, you must have a user role with Agent Management.Hyperic.Administrator privileges for the target machines.


Select the aggregated item in the vSphere Web Client navigator that includes the virtual machines on which to install a vRealize Hyperic agent.


On the Manage > Hyperic Agents tab, select one or more virtual machines on which to install a vRealize Hyperic agent.

You can only install one vRealize Hyperic agent on a virtual machine.


Select the agent profile that applies for this agent installation.

If you are deploying the agent on multiple virtual machines, the profile applies to each agent installation.


Click the Install Hyperic Agent on selected VMs icon at the top of the table.

A vRealize Hyperic agent is installed on the virtual machines. An error message appears in the Issues column of the table if installation of the agent fails on any of the virtual machines.

Refresh the page to update the status information of the agents. See Refresh the Agent Status Summary

Refresh the Agent Status Summary.