You can create application definitions by which a collection of connected virtual machines are identified as a deployed application instance. The application definitions management table shows all the application definitions that exist under a vCenter Server.


Log in to the vSphere Web Client.


From the inventory menu, select Infrastructure Navigator.

The vRealize Infrastructure Navigator home page appears.


Click the Manage tab.


From the vCenter Server drop-down menu, select the vCenter Server where you want to create the application definition.


Click the Create Automatic Application Definition icon Create application definition.


Type a name and description for the application definition, and click Next.

The name must be unique to the vCenter Server that you are currently working on. The length of the name is limited to 128 alphanumeric characters including spaces. The description is not mandatory, but is helpful as it can increase the efficiency in future tasks. The length of the description must be less than or equal to 2048 alphanumeric characters including spaces.


To set the rule, select the service category from the Service Category drop-down menu and service name from the Service Name drop-down menu.

You must select a service category, a service name, or both before proceeding. You can set more than one rule by clicking the Add icon Set rule. The Clustered check box, which groups all the occurrences of this service into a single application instance is selected by default.


Click Next.

The Ready to complete screen displays a summary of your settings.


Click Finish.

The created application definition is listed in the application definitions management table. Any valid application definition generates application instances.