vRealize Infrastructure Navigator displays messages in the dependency map and dependency table depending on the discovery status of a virtual machine and the information-retrieval action that is performed on the virtual machine.

You might see the following messages while using vRealize Infrastructure Navigator.

Dependency Map and Table Messages




The dependency map or table is being loaded with relevant data.

Access failed. VMware Tools is not installed

Discovery failed because VMware tools is not installed on the selected virtual machine.

Access failed. VM is powered off or suspended

The selected virtual machine is powered off or suspended.

Retrieving data from SRM

Infrastructure Navigator is retrieving data from Site Recovery Manager

SRM integration is stopped

The integration of the Site Recovery Manager has stopped.

This VM is pending application mapping

The initial mapping process is incomplete.

Access failed. The disk is full

vRealize Infrastructure Navigator cannot perform discovery on the targeted virtual machine because the disk of targeted virtual disk is full.