After initial deployment, vRealize Infrastructure Navigator remaps services at a predefined time interval. Remapping ensures that the vRealize Infrastructure Navigator database is current and that it is synchronized with any changes in the virtual environment. The default frequency for remapping is one hour, and is displayed in the Successful Discovery field.

A change is any change in the virtual environment. For example, installing a service is a change. A change in the virtual environment takes effect only after remapping.

When the specified time interval has elapsed, vRealize Infrastructure Navigator discovers any changes. For example, if you install a service on a powered-on virtual machine, vRealize Infrastructure Navigator discovers this service within one hour, the default frequency for remapping.

Every five minutes, the vRealize Infrastructure Navigator server is synchronized with vCenter Server and the Discovery Status field is updated with the relevant change information. For example, consider a virtual machine with services installed and running on that it is powered off. Within five minutes of the power-off, vRealize Infrastructure Navigator discovers the change as the vCenter Server is refreshed and updates this in the Discovery Status field. Services that have been discovered on the virtual machine before the virtual machine was powered off remain on the virtual machine. The Successful Discovery field displays the time elapsed since vRealize Infrastructure Navigator last discovered the virtual machine when it was up and running.