You can create user-defined services from unknown services. If you create a user-defined service, all the virtual machines that run the service on the defined port number and process name display the service.


In the Services tab of the information panel, click the Add a service definition icon Create Icon.

The Create User Defined Service Definition window appears. If multiple ports or multiple processes are related to the unknown service, you can select them from the drop-down menu.


Select either the Port or Process check boxes, or both.

If you select both port and process name to define a service, the selection takes precedence over a service that you have defined using only the port or process name.


Specify a name for the unknown service.


Select the category from the Category menu.


Click OK.

The user-defined service replaces the unknown service in the information panel and on the Summary tab at the vCenter Entity level.


On external entities, the definition of unknown services includes port number, name, and category. If you create a user-defined service for an internal virtual machine and include the process name, this definition does not apply to the external virtual machines.