In vRealize Infrastructure Navigator, active discovery is the method used to access the virtual machines. Active discovery is a multithreaded process that uses VMware Tools to access virtual machines.

vRealize Infrastructure Navigator starts the mapping process shortly after installation and if you provide valid administrator-level vCenter Server credentials. vRealize Infrastructure Navigator also supports some minimally privileged users who can start the discovery process. For more information on administrator-level credentials and minimally privileged user, see vRealize Infrastructure Navigator Installation and Configuration Guide. Mapping is continuous, unless you stop or disable vRealize Infrastructure Navigator.

Depending on the size of your environment, vRealize Infrastructure Navigator begins to populate the inventory table within an hour after you install the virtual appliance and start the discovery process. To view the complete information in the inventory table, dependency map, and dependency table, wait until you have collected at least one hour of data.


If the initial mapping process is incomplete, a This VM is pending application mapping message is displayed in place of the dependency map.