The uninstall procedure removes the plug-in from the vCenter Server.


Log in to vSphere Web Client.


From the inventory menu, click Infrastructure Navigator.


In the vRealize Infrastructure Navigator home page, click the Settings tab.


Click Uninstall.


At the confirmation prompt, click Yes.

The uninstall process starts, and might take anywhere between 30 minutes and one hour, depending on number of virtual machines and applications running in your environment.

After successful completion of the uninstall procedure the message,

Infrastructure Navigator is not installed on this vCenter Server.
 If you are working with multiple vCenter servers, select the vCenter Server where Infrastructure Navigator is installed.
 If you want to uninstall Infrastructure Navigator, you must restart the vSphere Web Client service to complete the uninstall process. You can then delete the virtual appliance.

is displayed in the vSphere Web Client. Also, the vRealize Infrastructure Navigator is cleaning up message is displayed in the vSphere Web Client.

After you uninstall the vRealize Infrastructure Navigator plug-in, power off and delete the vRealize Infrastructure Navigator virtual machine from the vCenter Server. You must restart the vSphere Web Client service to enable the installation of new vRealize Infrastructure Navigator plug-ins in the future.