When you deploy the vRealize Infrastructure Navigator virtual appliance on the vCenter Server, the virtual appliance is deployed without a license key. As a result, application discovery is disabled. You must enter a valid license key to start the application discovery process.

After you enter a valid license key, the vRealize Infrastructure Navigator monitors the number of virtual machines discovered by vRealize Infrastructure Navigator with regards to the number of virtual machines allowed. You can acquire a license depending on the number of virtual machines and applications running in your environment.

vRealize Infrastructure Navigator supports suite licenses for vCenter Server 5.5. 5.5U1, and 5.1. Supported Licenses lists the vCenter Server versions and its supported licenses for the vRealize Infrastructure Navigator.

Supported Licenses

vCenter Server Version

Supported Licenses

vCenter Server 5.5, 5.5U1, and 5.1U1

vRealize Operations ManagerSuite 5.6 or later, and VMware vCloud Advanced and Enterprise Suite 5.1 or later.

If you don't have a valid license, you can apply an evaluation license by using the vSphere Client as described in Apply a vRealize Infrastructure Navigator License. After you apply an evaluation license, the Turn on VM access button in vSphere Web Client is enabled, but the virtual machine is not accessible, and a message that asks you to apply a license no longer appears. If an evaluation license expires and you have not disabled or uninstalled vRealize Infrastructure Navigator, an alert warning that the license has expired is displayed. However, even after the license expires, the vRealize Infrastructure Navigator plug-in is not disabled. The discovery process is not affected by expiration of the license and you can still view and manage the information presented by vRealize Infrastructure Navigator.