You can import to your catalog a Web application that was previously configured in the VMware Identity Manager service. For example, you might want to import an application from your staging environment to your production environment.

This process involves exporting the application bundle from the service and importing it into the new environment. The application might not require further configuration, especially if you thoroughly tested the configuration values in the original environment. To further configure the Web application after importing it, see Add a Web Application to Your Catalog from the Cloud Application Catalog or Add a Web Application to Your Catalog by Creating a New Application Record.


Log in to the administration console of the service from which to export a Web application.


Click the Catalog tab.


Click Any Application Type > Web Applications.


Click the icon of the Web application to export.


Click Export.


Save the zipped application bundle to your local system.


Log in to the administration console of the service in which to import the Web application.


Click the Catalog tab.


Click Add Application > Web Application ...import an application.


Click Browse, browse to the location on your local system where you saved the application bundle as a ZIP file, select the file, and click Submit.


Edit the information on the Details, Configuration, Entitlements, Access Policies, Licensing, and Provisioning pages as necessary.

For details about adding user and group entitlements for Web applications, see Entitling Users and Groups to Web Applications.