Users can launch a View desktop or application from the VMware Identity Manager user portal.

Based on how an application or desktop has been configured in View, it can be launched in the Horizon Client or in a browser. For applications or desktops that can only be launched in the Horizon Client, you must install the Horizon Client on your system. For applications and desktops that can be launched in either the Horizon Client or a browser, you can select the launch method.

You can also set a default preference by clicking the arrow next to your name on the top-right of the page, selecting Preferences, and making your selection.

Based on how the application or desktop has been configured in View, you might need to install the Horizon Client.

For supported Horizon Client versions, see the VMware Product Interoperability Matrix at


Log in to the VMware Identity Manager user portal.


Right-click the desktop or application you want to use and check whether it displays a Horizon Client requirement.

Clicking the arrow on the OPEN button displays the launch options. If a launch option is not available, it is disabled.


Install the Horizon Client on your system, if it is required and you have not yet installed it.


Right-click the desktop or application, click the arrow on the Open button if launch options are not displayed, select either in Horizon Client or in Browser, and click Open.

If you chose the Browser option, the application or desktop is started in a browser. If you are using Horizon 6.1.1 or later, the browser window also displays an HTML Access Tray. The HTML Access Tray displays all the other desktop or applications that are connected to the same View Connection Server as the application you started. Resources from other View Connection Servers in your deployment are not listed. You can use the HTML Access Tray to switch from one desktop or application to another. You can also view which applications are running.

HTML Access Tray


If the SAML metadata on the View Connection Server instances has expired, the application or desktop will not launch. To resolve this issue, you must sync the View resources to VMware Identity Manager again. Click Sync Now in the View Pools page in the administration console.