To configure VMware Identity Manager for Netscaler, you need to specify a Secure Ticket Authority (STA) server for each XenApp farm in your Citrix deployment. The STA server is used to generate and validate STA tickets during the application or desktop launch process.

When a user launches an application or desktop, VMware Identity Manager obtains a ticket from the STA server. The ticket is presented to Netscaler, along with other information, and Netscaler validates the ticket with the STA server before establishing a secure connection to the XenApp farm.

You have integrated Citrix published resources with VMware Identity Manager and completed the configuration in the Catalog > Manage Desktop Applications > Citrix Published Applications page.


In the VMware Identity Manager administration console, click the arrow on the Catalog tab and select Settings.


Select Citrix Published Applications from the left pane.


Select the Netscaler Configuration tab.

Netscaler Configuration tab


The Farm UUID, Farm Name, Farm Version and XML Servers fields are populated with values from your Citrix deployment and you cannot modify these fields.


Specify one or more STA servers.


In the STA Server field, enter the STA server URL in the following format.


For example:

Only alphanumeric characters, period (.), and hyphen (-), are allowed in the URL.


Click Add To List.

The server appears in the XenApp STA Servers list.


(Optional) Enter additional STA servers, if required. For example, you may want to specify a second STA server for failover purposes.


If you added multiple STA servers, select the order in the XenApp STA Servers fields by clicking Move Up or Move Down.


Click Update.


If there are multiple XenApp farms in your deployment, specify an STA server for each farm.

Configure policies for specific network IP ranges that specify that launch traffic should be routed through Netscaler to the XenApp server.