In VMware Identity Manager, enable password authentication in the AirWatch configuration page and edit the built-in identity provider to enable AirWatch Cloud Connector Password authentication.

The built-in identity provider configured.

AirWatch Cloud Connector set up in AirWatch, version 8.3 or later.


In the administration console, Identity & Access Management tab, select Setup > AirWatch.


In the User Password Authentication through AirWatch Cloud Connector section, select Enable.


In the Identity & Access Management tab, go to Manage > Identity Providers.


Click the ACC Password gearbox icon.


Enable AirWatch Password authentication and set the maximum number of failed log in attempts. The other fields are pre-populated.



Enable AirWatch Password Authentication

Select this checkbox to enable AirWatch password authentication.

AirWatch Admin Console URL

Pre-populated with the AirWatch URL you set up on the AirWatch configuration page.

AirWatch Enrolled User API Key

Pre-populated with the AirWatch user API key that you entered in the AirWatch configuration page.

AirWatch Group ID

Pre-populated with the organization group ID that you entered in the AirWatch configuration page.

Number of authentication attempts allowed

Enter the maximum number of failed login attempts when using AirWatch password authentication. No more logins are allowed after the failed login attempts reach this number. The VMware Identity Manager service tries to use the fallback authentication method if it is configured. The default is five attempts.


Click Save.


Click Save on the built-in identity provider page, if you made changes to that page.

Configure the default access policy to create rules to use AirWatch password authentication. See Managing Access Policies,