You can register your callout REST URI to integrate your application management system with VMware Identity Manager to manage resources you make available in the catalog.

Your application management system configured and the URI available through the callout REST API that receives the requests from VMware Identity Manager.


In the administration console Catalog tab, select Settings > Approvals.


Check Enable Approvals.


In the Approval Engine drop-down menu, select REST API.


Configure the following text boxes.




Enter the approval request handler URI of the REST API that listens for the callout requests. The REST API must be accessible from the VMware Identity Manager service.

User Name

(Optional) If the REST API is on a Web server that requires a user name and password to access, enter the name here. If no authentication is required, you can leave user name and password blank.


(Optional) Enter the password of the user.

PEM-format SSL Certificate

(Optional) If your REST API is using SSL and is on a server that does not have a public SSL certificate, paste the REST API SSL certificate in PEM format here.

Go to the Catalog page and configure the Licensing feature for those apps that require approval before users can use the app.