The Per-App VPN Profile setting is enabled for Android apps that are accessed with VMware Identity Manager Mobile SSO for Android.

AirWatch Tunnel configured with the Per-App Tunnel component installed.

Android VPN profile created.


In the AirWatch admin console, navigate to Apps & Books > Applications > List View.


Select the Internal tab.


Select Add Application and add an app.


Click Save & Assign.


In the Assignment page, select Add Assignment and in the Advanced section Per-App VPN Profile drop-down menu select the Android VPN profile you created.


Click Save & Publish.

Enable Per-App VPN for every Android app that is accessed with Mobile SSO for Android. For more information about adding or editing apps, see the VMware AirWatch Mobile Application Management Guide, on the AirWatch Resources Web site.

Create the Network Traffic Rules. See Configure Network Traffic Rules in AirWatch.