Mobile SSO for Android is an implementation of the Certificate authentication method for AirWatch-managed Android devices where the client certificate is provided by the AirWatch Tunnel client.

The AirWatch Tunnel mobile app is installed on the Android device. The AirWatch Tunnel client is configured to access the VMware Identity Manager service for authentication. The tunnel client uses the client certificate to establish a mutually authenticated SSL session and the VMware Identity Manager service retrieves the client certificate for authentication.


Mobile SSO authentication for Android is supported for Android devices 4.4 and later.

Implementing Mobile SSO for Android authentication for AirWatch managed Android devices requires configuring the AirWatch Tunnel in the AirWatch admin console and installing the AirWatch Tunnel server before you configure Mobile SSO for Android in the VMware Identity Manager administration console. The AirWatch Tunnel service provides per app VPN access to AirWatch managed apps. AirWatch Tunnel also provides proxying traffic from a mobile applications to VMware Identity Manager for single sign-in.

In the AirWatch admin console you configure the following settings.

Per App Tunnel component in the AirWatch Tunnel. This configuration allows Android devices access to internal and managed public apps through the AirWatch Tunnel mobile app client.

After the AirWatch Tunnel settings are configured in the admin console, you download the AirWatch Tunnel installer and proceed with the installation of the AirWatch Tunnel server.

Android VPN profile. This profile is used to enable the per app tunneling capabilities for Android.

Enable VPN for each app that uses the application tunnel functionality from the admin console.

Create network traffic rules with a list of all the apps that are configured for per app VPN, the proxy server details, and the VMware Identity Manager URL.

For detailed information about installing and configuring the AirWatch Tunnel, see the VMware AirWatch Tunnel Guide on the AirWatch Resources Web site.