Public applications can be deployed as either managed or unmanaged when using AirWatch for native application delivery.

When applications are managed, users must enroll their device to install and use the managed applications. When you upload a public application in the AirWatch admin console, you select the Device must be MDM managed to install option to require the device be managed before the application can be installed.

Applications that require management display a lock icon when viewed in an unmanaged state in the catalog. Users must choose to enroll their device through the adaptive management process to use the application. When users attempt to download an application with a lock icon, they are prompted with a message that reads Installation of this app requires enablement of Workspace Services. Users can click the Learn More link to see the privacy impact for their personal information if they choose to continue with the adaptive management process. The privacy notice automatically pulls settings from the AirWatch environment they are about to enroll into. After reviewing the privacy setting information, users can either proceed to enroll their device or back out and continue to use the Workspace ONE application unmanaged on their device. When users enroll their device, the lock icon is removed from all the managed applications.

See the VMware AirWatch Mobile Application Management Guide for detailed information about uploading public applications and configuring applications to be managed. See the VMware AirWatch Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Guide for information about the AirWatch provided ready-made BYOD environment.