Before you start the offline upgrade, set up the local Web server by creating a directory structure that includes a subdirectory for the VMware Identity Manager virtual appliance.

Obtain the file. Go to and navigate to the VMware Identity Manager product download page to download the file.

If you use an IIS Web server, configure the Web server to allow special characters in file names. You configure this in the Request Filtering section by selecting the Allow double escaping option.


Create a directory on the Web server at http://YourWebServer/VM/ and copy the downloaded zip file to it.


Verify that your Web server includes mime types for .sig (text/plain) and .sha256 (text/plain).

Without these mime types your Web server fails to check for updates.


Unzip the file.

The contents of the extracted ZIP file are served by http://YourWebServer/VM/.

The extracted contents of the file contain the following subdirectories: /manifest and /package-pool.


Run the following updatelocal.hzn command to check that the URL has valid update contents.

/usr/local/horizon/update/updatelocal.hzn checkurl http://YourWebServer/VM