You can use the VMware Identity Manager administration console and your Citrix deployment to manage Citrix-published resource categories.

In your Citrix deployment, you give a Citrix-published application or desktop a category name by editing the Client application folder text box in the resource's properties. When you integrate your Citrix deployment with VMware Identity Manager, existing category names for Citrix-published applications and desktops are carried over to VMware Identity Manager.

After the integration, you can continue to create categories in your Citrix deployment. If you enabled the Sync categories from server farms check box on the Published Apps - Citrix page, the new categories are carried over to VMware Identity Manager during the next sync. See Synchronizing VMware Identity Manager with Integration Broker.

You can also create categories directly in VMware Identity Manager. See the VMware Identity Manager Administrator's Guide for information about using resource categories.

In the administration console, you can create and view categories of all Citrix-published resources by clicking the Catalog tab, then clicking Any Application Type and selecting Citrix Published Applications for applications or Citrix Published Delivery Groups for desktops You can view and edit the categories of a specific Citrix-published resource by clicking the name of the resource and selecting Details.

When you create a category in VMware Identity Manager, the category never appears in your Citrix deployment.

When you create a category in your Citrix deployment, the category appears in VMware Identity Manager at the next sync. When you update a category name in your Citrix deployment, the updated category name appears in VMware Identity Manager while the original category name remains. If you want to remove the original category name from VMware Identity Manager, you must remove it manually.