Using VMware Identity Manager in read-only mode is designed for high availability to allow end users access to the resources in their My Apps portal. Some activities in the VMware Identity Manager administration console and other administration services pages might not be available in read-only mode. Below is a partial list of common activities that are not available.

When VMware Identity Manager is running in read-only mode, activities related to changes in Active Directory or the database cannot be made and syncing to the VMware Identity Manager database does not work.

Administrative functions that require writing to the database are not available during this time. You must wait until VMware Identity Manager returns to read and write mode.

The following are some of the limitations in the administration console in read-only mode.

Adding, deleting, editing users and groups in the Users & Groups tab

Adding, deleting, editing applications in the Catalog tab

Adding, deleting, editing application entitlements

Changing branding information

Directory Sync to add, edit, delete users and groups

Editing information about resources, including View, XenApp and other resources

Editing the Authentication Methods page


The connector components of the VMware Identity Manager appliances in the secondary data center appear in the administration console. Make sure that you do not select a connector from the secondary data center as the sync connector.

The following are some of the limitations in the Appliance Configurator pages in read-only mode

Testing the database connection setup

Changing the Workspace admin password in the Change Password page

When VMware Identity Manager is in read-only mode, users can sign in to their VMware Identity Manager portal and access their resources. The following functionality in the end user portal is not available in read-only mode.

Mark a resource as Favorite or unmark a resource as Favorite

Drag and drop resources on the user's My Apps page to rearrange them

Add resources from the App Center or remove resources from the user's My Apps page

The label New is not removed from an application when it is launched

When VMware Identity Manager is in read-only mode, users cannot setup new Windows clients. Existing Windows clients continue to work.