If you add a new directory to the VMware Identity Manager service after you have already deployed a cluster for high availability, and you want to make the new directory part of the high availability configuration, you need to add the directory to all the appliances in your cluster.

You do this by adding the connector component of each of the service instances to the new directory.


Log in to the VMware Identity Manager administration console.


Select the Identity & Access Management tab, then select the Identity Providers tab.


In the Identity Providers page, find the identity provider for the new directory and click the identity provider name.


In the IdP Hostname field, enter the load balancer FQDN, if it is not already set to the correct load balancer FQDN.


In the Connector(s) field, select the connector to add.


Enter the password and click Save.


In the Identity Providers page, click the Identity Provider name again and verify that the IdP Hostname field displays the correct host name. The IdP Hostname field should display the load balancer FQDN. If the name is incorrect, enter the load balancer FQDN and click Save.


Repeat the preceding steps to add all the connectors listed in the Connector(s) field.


After you add each connector, check the IdP host name and modify it, if necessary, as described in step 7.

The directory is now associated with all the connectors in your deployment.