The connector appliance accesses the VMware update servers through the Internet. If your network configuration provides Internet access using an HTTP proxy, you must adjust the proxy settings for the appliance.

Enable your proxy to handle only Internet traffic. To ensure that the proxy is set up correctly, set the parameter for internal traffic to no-proxy within the domain.


Proxy servers that require authentication are not supported.

Verify that you have the root password for the connector appliance.

Verify that you have the proxy server information.


Log in to the connector appliance as the root user.


Enter YaST on the command line to run the YaST utility.


Select Network Services in the left pane, then select Proxy.


Enter the proxy server URLs in the HTTP Proxy URL and HTTPS Proxy URL fields.


Select Finish and exit the YaST utility.


Restart the Tomcat server on the connector virtual appliance to use the new proxy settings.

service horizon-workspace restart

The VMware update servers are now available to the connector appliance.